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Roy Koriakin is a professional Line Producer, Assistant Director, and Writer with over 14 years in the industry. He has worked on over 30 Feature films and 100 National TV episodes.


Koriakin has Line Produced 13 Episodes of a National Cooking  Show, 5 TV Pilots, and 12 features films, one that was recently released in  over 147 Theaters Nationwide and is on target to gross more than three million dollars across all media markets.

In 2017 he production managed two music videos for Warner Brothers, Three Flyers Commercials, One Flyers Hype Video, One Video Game Commercial for EA Sports, Multiple Industrial Videos, Two TV Pilots, Three Shorts and one Feature Film.


Roy has also been an Assistant Director on 11 Feature films, and over fifty Music Videos, Shorts, and Industrials.


Koriakin has written 19 feature films, one that was distributed by Lions Gate, 6 films he has been hired to write and 3 to do rewrites on.

He has written, produced, and conceptualized over 75 TV Commercials and 70 Industrial, Promotional and Training Videos.


Line Producer
Assistant Director

Roy Koriakin