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"The Retaliators" a $5,000,000 Feature Film, released in 2000 theaters Sept. 2022
Line Produced, Produced, and the Director of Photography
for this
Feature Film: shot in South New Jersey.
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Rated 88% and 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, one of top ten highest rated horror films of 2022 on the site

In 2020/2021, Kphat Productions produced this $5 million dollar horror/thriller feature film, "The Retaliators" for the billion-dollar music studio, "Better Noise Music", who recently released the Netflix sensation, "The Dirt", a biopic about Motley Crue. Has been released in 2000 theaters September 14th, 2022. “The Retaliators” stars Michael Lombardi, Marc Menchaca and many musician guest appearances such as, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, The Hu, Jacoby Shadix of Papa Roach and many more. 

Line Produced, Produced, and Director of Photography of the "tubi" $800K feature film "A Party To Die For". Hired By the "Sony" Company "Marvista" in 2022, Aired Halloween Night.

"A Party To Die For"  was a $800k film shot in NJ in 2022, and was aired on Halloween on "Tubi" Roy Koriakin Produced/Line Produced it, and Joe Hennigan was the DP. Marvista a Sony company is the one whom hired us o make the film for "Tubi".

Our Production team was hired to Line Produce/Produce this Holiday Inn Express/ESPN Commercial

In 2018 Roy Koriakin was hired by the NYC Ad Agency "The Vault" to Line Produce this "Readiest Breakfast Challenge" spot for Holiday Inn Express and ESPN. 

Our Production team was hired to Line Produce and do the Director Photography for the
"Connect The Dots" video for ASTM
Video marketing for social media.png
Our Production team was hired to Produce and shoot "Connect The Dots" video for ASTM

ASTM is a company that literally touches everyone in some way daily. They set standards in industry across the board. The hired Kphat Production to produce their promotional/marketing video for their new campaign.

Director of Photography,  Produced, and Line Produced 


Kphat Productions Filmed and Line Produced

"The Phanatic Savess the 4th"

Played on 4th of July at a Phillies game  for two


right before the fireworks

Joe Hennigan was  the Director of Photography and Roy Koriakin, line produced this fun film that was shot in Philadelphia 2022 and premiered infront of two live crowds uduring the 4th of July for Fire works night at the Phillies games.

Kphat Productions was hired as a Line Producer, and Steadicam Operator in the production of the Philadelphia Fusion Spot

This 2017 video was for the launch of the new EA Sports video game league in Philadelphia. It revealed the name of the new team, "Philly Fusion". This league is owned by Comcast and there are already 24 teams across the country for the "Overwatch" League. We were hired by the production company "Pretty Damn Sweet" who produced, conceived and edited the video. 

Line Producer, and Director of Photography in the production of four twenty-two minutes National TV Shows

FOX Sports also celebrates the journey to the tournament with the series, “eSports Athletes Rising,” a behind-the-scenes look at gaming pros. The program follows underdog FIFA 19 players from the U.S., as they look to upset the competition on international turf. The episodes, airing on FS1 and the FOX Sports app
Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 12.43.55


Kphat Productions Line Produced

"Brothers By Blood"

Six days for the US Unit Pick up Days in Philly.

"Brothers By Blood" was primarily shot in Europe. Kphat Productions Line Produced the six days shooting in the US in Philadelphia. This movie had many known named stars, including, Matthias Schoenaerts, Joel Kinnaman, and Ryan Phillipe.

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